About: An inspiring sports journalist from Louisville, Kentucky. Dreams of covering college hoops or NBA hoops for ESPN or a major network. A huge sports buff who’s passion for cheering on the Louisville Cardinals. Feel free to contact me on Twitter for appearance on radio or website. @_NoFlyyZone

Favourite NBA Team: LA Lakers, the history, the great players who have played there, and mainly the reason I’m a Lakers fan, Kobe Bryant.

Favourite NBA Player: Kobe Bryant is the top of my list but since that is an obvious choice more most people, I also consider Monta’ Ellis, Josh Smith, and Paul George. Monta’ Ellis and Josh Smith are solid players who are both a bit underrated in my book. Paul George is the up and coming future of the league and I like his game. Kobe Bryant is just so fun to watch when he’s on the court because he’s a smart basketball player and just always makes you say “wow” did he just do that?

Favourite NBA Moment: I have two. When Michael Jordan took his last shot in a Chicago Bulls jersey to knock in the game winner against Bryon Russell of the Utah Jazz to close the deal on his sixth and final championship. Secondly, when Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points against the Raptors. It was just so fun to watch and to witness history in the brilliant career of the Black Mamba.