About: I am a huge fan of all sports. Basketball, Football, Hockey, Baseball, you name it I’m a fan of it! I would love to become a sports broadcaster one day, and I dream of the moment of calling the big shot, goal or home run on live TV. I run a couple of my own blogs on Facebook, and enjoy doing those a lot as well. In my free time, I enjoy playing music with my friends in our band.

Favorite NBA Team: Utah Jazz all the way! The history of the franchise is what I love the most, with the guys like Stockton, Malone, and former coach Jerry Sloan fueling my love for the team.

Favorite NBA Player: I have a few that I could name as my “favorite”: James Harden, Gordon Hayward, and Damian Lillard. I love watching Harden on the court, especially when he was with OKC. I like the fact that Hayward has accepted the load of the Utah Jazz team’s burden and has done a satisfactory job so far. Damian Lillard has a great career ahead of him, and watching players grow and develop, in any sport, is always to my enjoyment.

Favorite NBA Moment: If I had to pick one, it would be last year when Utah was playing San Antonio, and Mo Williams hit a deep, buzzer-beating three pointer to win it for the Jazz. I can remember going crazy and dancing around my living room when it happened, it was great.