About: A globetrotting sports nut. Love all sports especially NBA. Currently residing in Vancouver BC and originally from Perth Western Australia. Love watching, listening and having the odd punt on a game. Plus writing keeps me from annoying all my friends with constant sports talk. Also love my stats and match-ups…… There’s always a story in the numbers.

Favourite NBA Team: New York Knicks. I started watching NBA a few years ago. I never had cable or a good internet so when I was able to access to games on ESPN and League pass I was ecstatic. I just liked watching the Knicks I’m not sure why. Loved the Lin-sanity story line a couple of seasons ago.

Favourite NBA Player: All round currently active: Russell Westbrook. He’s such an Athlete if I had to pick a team to follow in the west it would be OKC just because of him (and a little Durant). Favourite Knicks player was Steve Novak, Loved watching him bomb 3’s. Since we lost him last off season its Tyson Chandler, He is an Unsung hero for New York they rely on him heavily for defence.

Favourite NBA moment: Too many to pick from. I really enjoyed LeBron’s post game speech after last year’s championship. He has matured so much and it was such a great attitude he put out there!