Nathan is a 17 year old aspiring NBA writer and analyst. He began following the league heavily three years ago. Nathan watches every game he can, and spends countless hours analyzing the great players in the league. He hopes one day to be working in an NBA arena.

Favorite Team: Indiana Pacers- Three years ago I realized my passion for the NBA when I started playing 2k11 on my Xbox. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed playing with the Pacers, and saw the potential with Danny Granger in his prime and Paul George in his rookie season. I began studying the team’s every move and concluded they had good players at every position. Needless to say, I’ve watched them develop since 2011 and now they are battling for first seed in the East.

Favorite NBA moment: Last year when Roy Hibbert stuffed Carmelo Anthony’s dunk attempt in the Eastern conference semi finals. That one play represented our team perfectly as having a “defense first” mindset.

Go Pacers!

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