About: An Australian with a love for most sports, but NBA and AFL in particular. I have a strong passion for covering the NBA and have been lucky enough to write featured articles for various NBA-based sites over the last few years.

Favourite NBA Team: Boston Celtics. They have been my team since the day I was officially introduced to the NBA, back in early high school. Love the team and it what it stands for.

Favourite NBA Player: Rajon Rondo. I admire his huge heart but also his unpredictability and incredible basketball I.Q. An opposition point guards worst nightmare; at times, he can prove to be unstoppable!

Favourite NBA Moment: Even though I was raw to the game at this stage, the Celtics becoming NBA champions in ’07-’08 was special, no doubt. I also enjoyed LeBron winning his first ring. It was a long time coming but for him to finally achieve the ultimate goal, despite all the obstacles he had faced and overcome adversity, was incredible to witness!