About: Been a fan of the NBA for nearing on 30 years now (where did that time go?), from the days of having to borrow VHS tapes of games that were a month old to the age of instant access. Blinded by the romance of being a sports writer, grounded by being a father.

Favourite NBA Team: The Chicago Bulls (been a very up and down 27 years!). Fell into supporting them by clicking the TV on one day and saw a Bulls v Nuggets match on. It was the first taste of the NBA I had. Decided I would support whichever team won that game. Fate would have it I feel into supporting the Bulls.

Favourite NBA Player: Home – Joakim Noah. The hustle, intensity, attitude. Old school hustle. Away – KD. Great face for the league. Competitive, humble, playing in a small market and can score 40 points but not had the ball in his hands for the whole game.

Favourite NBA Moment: This! Still gives me goosebumps to this day. I remember literally being on the end of my seat with nerves as this play was unfolding. I can still hear Marv’s voice now. “Smith. Stripped. Smith stopped, Smith stopped again”. What a series.