BrettGallantCoverAbout: A hoops fan from a young age. Brett Gallant is a musician who tries to soak up every aspect of an American dominated sport from the perspective of a young Canadian by writing about it.

Favorite NBA Team: Easy, I’m a Canadian. I am by default a Raptors fan. They’ve just turned a corner with JV and DeRozan really improving. I really like where the team is off too after watching them struggle for so long.

Favorite NBA Player: Tim Duncan. In my opinion the best Power Forward to ever lace it up. No off court antics, no massive ego that gets in the way of the team. Straight up Basketball.

Favorite NBA Moment: Well, I did state that I was a Raptors fan. However, watching Kobe drop 81 on my team was only something I could sit there and admire as I picked my own jaw up off the floor.