About: I’m a basketball breather and a stat lover and have followed the NBA game since I could read. I love talking all things statistics with people of a like mind but love playing with fellow rock lovers even more so. I’m currently working on fiction writing but there’s nothing quite like the joys of writing about the wonderful sport of James Naismith.

Favourite NBA Team: When Kevin Durant and Jeff Green were drafted in 2007, my favourite team the Seattle Sonics took on a new younger face but a brighter future. Now as the OKC Thunder, I’m proud to see how well a team can build itself from the ground up.

Favourite NBA Player: I have a few.
Allen Iverson was my favourite player growing up and I loved practicing his crossover again and again in the playground. He was my idol.
Lamarcus Aldridge is one of my current favourites due to his post skill and smooth jumper for a big man and his passing has come a long way too. He is a big reason that the Blazers are doing as well as they have been recently.
Another I’ll mention is Reggie Jackson who has really shown what kind of player he was during Westbrook’s injury in the playoffs and to start the season. He is a real talent.

Favourite NBA Moment: April 6, 2008 – The Sonics played the Nuggets at home, a month after being blown out 168-116 by the same team. Durant scored 37, 8 and 9 and Jeff Green dropped 35 and 10 in a double OT win 151-147 victory. That was the moment I realized how special our team was (especially as they were playing against AI and Melo) and how good Jeff Green and Kevin Durant really were.