Justin CondoCoverAbout- A huge basketball fan from Australia. Love watching NBA and I love playing the game. I always read articles on basketball particulary the Boston Celtics, and I enjoy writing articles in my free time. Just a balller who enjoys the game.

Favourite NBA Team- Definitley the Boston Celtics. Massive supporter who is looking forward to this season despite Pierce and KG not playing for the C’s, looking forward to the rebuilding challenge and can’t wait to see Jeff Green breakout and witness the return of Rajon Rondo. I am a Celtic till I die.

Favourite NBA player- Rajon Rondo or Jeff Green. Both have amazing talent and I believe Green can emerge as an All-Star one day. Rondo is an elite player and I love watching them play especially because they are Celtics. Both players are in the better stages of their careers, Rondo will come back stronger than ever and showcase why he is one special Point Guard. I like the whole roster and I like everything about the Celtics. As a diehard fan I still like Ray Allen and of course Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They’ll always be Celtics.

Prediction record for the Celtics- Entering the rebuilding mode I don’t have very high expectations but they aren’t too low to the point where we are in the Wiggins sweeeptakes. I believe we can make a strong push for playoffs and if Rondo comes back healthy, if Green breaks out like he did in the second half of the season last season and we all play hard under Coach Stevens and stay injury free, we can surpirse a lot of teams and people. It’s very early to predict but I’ll go with a record 38-44.