LukeSicariCoverAbout:  A absolute MASSIVE basketball fan, whether it be NBA, NBL, WNBA, local hoops or just any kind of basketball! Has a major passion for covering and writing about the game of basketball and likes to focus on younger, more underrated players, teams etc.

Favourite NBA team: The Cleveland Cavaliers!! One of the very few fans who stayed loyal to the Cavs and stuck with them after “he” left. Was there during the tough 26 game losing streak and the Joey Graham starting at SF days, but now with the young core of Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson and hopefully a healthy Andrew Bynum, the future is VERY bright!

Favourite player: Has to be my man, Dion Waiters! Loves the way he plays the game, never backs down from a challenge, great finisher at the rim and is a very good defensive player, when he wants to be. Loves the swagger he plays the game with, hoping he is a major part of the Cavs future.

Favourite NBA Moment: 2 famous game winners in Cavs history, LeBron’s game winning 3 in the 2009 ECF and Kyrie’s game winner just last season against the Raptors! Was watching both games live and went nuts both times! Also love the Cavs V Jazz game back in 2010 when Sundiata Gaines hit the game winner. Even though it was against my Cavs, that was just an amazing moment and proof that dream do come true! If you haven’t seen it, check it out!